Diving/Dive Boat Brighton Marina

Dive Boat Brighton Marina

We can cater for all levels from novice Diver to Professional deep mixed gas projects in the UK, France and Channel Islands coast. The SeaBreeze3 Dive Boat is powered by twin John Deeres 300hp (600hp) with a cruising speed of 18 knots and is licensed for 15 persons, 12 passengers plus 3 crew and is one of the best sports and technical Dive Boats on the South Coast

Diver lift platform for easy access in o the water and from the water. Walk in electric toilet plus hot and cold water, compressor supplying clean air (by request), covered enclosed seating area for 12 people. Free tea and coffee, microwave for heating your own food or catering services can be provided on request

South Coast Diving

The English Channel dive sites off the Sussex Coast offer a huge variety of dives from scenic drift dives, teaming with life, to the deeper wreck dives in the UK or French waters. We regulatory visits some of the most exciting Shipwrecks in the Channel and can take you to a 20 to 30 mts training dive on various types of ship

For the more experienced diver, explore the past at 50 mts visiting the Liner ‘Moldavia’ described as a dive back in history. Not deep enough? We have an extensive list of wrecks in the 65 mts range, some as close as only 18 miles away with our Diving trips from Brighton Marina

Sussex Coast Diving

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Rampion Wind Farm Tours

Our Wind Farm Trips from Brighton Marina will take you offshore to the location of the wind turbines

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