Ash Scattering Brighton Marina

Ash Scattering Brighton Marina

Saying that final farewell could be one of the hardest moments in anyone’s life

Many people request their Ashes Scattered at Sea and were nicer than in the beautiful waters, off the South coast departing from Brighton Marina, to rest in peace with the Dolphins and other magical creatures of the sea

Private Boat Charters

With our exclusive Private Boat Charters we can accommodate up to 12 people, so you will be able to say that final goodbye, read a poem/prayer or say words which mean that special something. We can play your loved ones favourite music through our music system (CD or memory stick). You and your family will be given the time to remember your loved one and a fresh cup of tea or hot coffee will be available, and maybe something slightly stronger

  • Private Boat Charter

    Private Boat Charter

    Our Private Boat Charter will take approximately up to one hour, depending on the area you wish to go to. The cost of o…

    from £180.00

    from £180.00


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Rampion Wind Farm Tours

Our Wind Farm Trips from Brighton Marina will take you offshore to the location of the wind turbines

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