Turbot Fishing Brighton Marina

Turbot Fishing

Our Fishing for King Flat Fish with Turbot Fishing Brighton Marina is a 'great day out'. It is a more relaxing, exciting way of enjoying a Brill Fishing or Turbot Fishing Trip. Catching our bait in the morning going the banks and finding the specimen, it sure has its perks. While not having to reel in lines all the time, is really liked by some of the anglers, due to the fact we use bait on these Day Trips. It does make it all the more enjoyable and more of a social experience, as you can rack your rod up making time for the anglers to enjoy the summer weather. We Fish for these specimens of the deep during the mid to late summer months from about July through to September making it a good time of year for Fishing, friends and the family!

Turbot Fishing Trips

We start our Fishing Trips setting up the tackle with bait on our way to the Turbot Fishing grounds, about 20 – 30 miles or so off the South Coast of Brighton, so it will be like traveling to the offshore deep sea wrecks. We stop to get some bait when found, using our sounder and get some mackerel or sand eel’s, tide permitting

As for catching the bait we use daylight feather’s and sabiki feather’s 'the little one’s'. Targeting fresh mackerel before we approach the grounds and sand eel with the sabiki’s. They are normally around during the slack water periods of the day and retreat to the safety of the sand when the waters run

The Turbot Fishing Tackle

A good rod and tackle set up for all you pro anglers out there, who will want to bring there own, will be from about 15 to 20 lbs rods and matching reels, fixed spool reels 6000 and up or multiplier reel 3/0 and up, although multipliers would do a better job, as the water is deeper on these banks and structured grounds! Braid mainlines 30-50lbs are better than nylon but if using nylon mainline 25-40lbs should do it, never going for any coloured line as this does not work as well as clear or green

The End Tackle

Using a sliding ledger boom rig for the end tackle with about 3-6 foot of 20lbs- 40lbs mainline to a single or Pennel rigged 6/0-7/0 bait-holder hook or a 4/0 Aberdeen or Forged variant is ideal, although we at Seabreeze3 opt for a fixed boom method (with a delta clip pot boom) as the bites are more evident when hit by fish. The mackerel bait is cut into long thin tails and presented natural as possible, while the live bait sandells and lance are hooked mainly in the backs or in the mouths and bound mainly dependant upon the tide

All The Other Fish On Offer

There are other Fish to be had on these spot’s apart from Turbot there are fantastic sized Brill, Greater Weever (so watch your fingers), some big Plaice, Huss, Hound, and an occasional Shark or Ray with some Ray gets well above 10lbs and a few decent sized Smooth Hounds around the 7lbs and up mark. So you never know just what you could get, even a really good sized Tope, permitting you hook him just right and in the lip!

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