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When Fishing Brighton Marina, we have an extensive range of services from fishing to private charters to diving and even commercial work, we strive to please and assist your needs whether you are an experienced angler, a novice fisherman or a tourist, on-board SeaBreeze3 we cater for all your individual requirements with a wide range of Fishing and for those that do not have their own Fishing equipment, we are pleased to supply this from our extensive onboard selection of Penn and Shakespeare equipment we have all sorts of equipment from Shimano to Sidewinder to Conoflex

January / February
In January and February we will generally be Fishing for winter Cod and Whiting and Huss, providing the great British weather allows us to. We then move on to Fishing for Plaice in the later season

March / April
During March the Ground Fishing season starts to change, as we will start to see the arrival of Black Bream with the mackerel and the Plaice start to get bigger we also find rays starting to show around this time

May / June / July / August
Bass, Pollack and Cod are available during the summer months we also have a few days Fishing for school shark or Tope and Smooth Hounds and towards the end of the season we normally start to fish for Turbot

September / October
We are fishing for Turbot and ray as well late season Bream, we have a few spots for good Conger eel around this time of year and also have a play with some of the best fighting fish in the channel the Tope as well as their little cousins the hounds

This is the true start of the winter Cod season we hunt the big ones, our usual customers comprise of the hardy and the pros committed to fishing it is cold dress warm and don’t forget your gloves we used bait in this part of the season. We also have a spot of Ground Fishing for other fish like Channel Whiting

When you book our daily Fishing from Brighton all equipment can be supplied, however any loss of rods or equipment will be charged accordingly. Fishing services may vary in price related to the distance travelled along the Sussex coast

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Our charter provides Boat Trips daily for Fishing, sight seeing and Pleasure Cruises on the Sussex coastline

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Our Wind Farm Trips from Brighton Marina will take you offshore to the location of the wind turbines

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