Sea Fishing Brighton Marina

Sea Fishing Brighton Marina

SeaBreeze3 is a first class vessel for Sea Fishing from Brighton Marina not just in service, but in taking care of everything you need for your Fishing Charter experience. We are well-known name locally, as one of the UK’s top Sea Fishing boats and we look after the needs of anglers such as tackling the rods, baiting, fish preparation this includes filleting of certain fish for you. Angling world: ‘It has a good reputation for its large catches of Cod, Pollack, Ling, Bass, Turbot, Skate and big Conger Eels (weighing in at 40lb to 110lbs,) off the South Coast of Sussex'. We provide Fishing Trips for Reef Fishing, Ground Fishing Trips for Bass, Bream and 90 minute Mackerel trips

South Coast Sea Fishing

Seabreeze3 12mt south catamaran offering a super stable platform. The fishing charter is ideally situated for Sea Fishing and can operate up 60 miles offshore. Based in Brighton on South Coast, this gives us full operational cover to the Sea Fishing areas which we operate in the West or East with the boat certificate and is coded for 12 passenger and 3 crew, making a total of 15 persons

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Let us know in advance if there is anything specific we can provide for your Sea Fishing day out, departing daily on the Sussex Coast 

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Our charter provides Boat Trips daily for Fishing, sight seeing and Pleasure Cruises on the Sussex coastline

Rampion Wind Farm Tours

Our Wind Farm Trips from Brighton Marina will take you offshore to the location of the wind turbines

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