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Join us on SeaBreeze3 for Ling Fishing Brighton MarinaLing are a member of the Cod family and are caught on the deep-water wrecks during the months of April to October. These fish used to be caught in great numbers of the wrecks but are now confined to some of the not so well known wreck marks in the mid channel

Ling Fishing Trips Sussex

They range in size from 10 – 30 lbs plus and are caught whilst at anchor, or on the drift. These are hard fighting fish, tough with an attitude problem that will make short work of sub standard tackle as they possess a formidable array of teeth and live right in the wreck structures

The Tackle:
You will need a good quality boat rod, 30 – 50 lbs for Ling Fishing. Line class and a good quality main line of 30 – 60 lbs. Loaded onto a 4/0-sized multiplier. The trace line should be a minimum of 100 lbs. Test, preferably crimped to 8/0 or 10/0 forged hooks. Good quality link swivels and a selection of Cod feathers, perks, Muppets and weights ranging in size from 1 lbs. To 1½ lbs. Complete the set up. The angler may choose to use a new generation braided line to give a more direct feel and to use less lead when Fishing mid-channel

Bait Required for Ling Fishing:
Ling are caught with fresh whole Mackerel flappers or side-Fillets of Mackerel, sometimes with Cuttlefish when available. These baits will also catch Cod, Conger, Pollack, Turbot whilst at anchor so variety is the name of the game

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