Fishing Boat Hire Brighton Marina

Fishing Boat Hire Brighton Marina

Seabreeze3 is a Catamaran of 12mt offering a super stable platform available for your Fishing Boat HireBrighton Marina. The Fishing vessel ideally situated South coast and can operate up 60 miles offshore

Specialising in the sea Fishing Boat Hire SeaBreeze3 is a well-known name in the charter/angling world and we have a good reputation for large catches of Cod, Pollack, Ling, Bass and big Conger Eels (weighing in at 91 lb, 92 lb, 93 lb, 94 lb, 95 lb, 98 lb and 101 lbs)

For those that do not have their own Fishing gear, we are pleased to supply this from our extensive onboard selection of Penn, Conoflex, Shimano equipment. The hooks we use are 9/0 & 10/0 on a 250 Lb trace line, the snap swivels are a 4/0 American snap, which performs very well indeed 

South Coast Fishing Boat Hire

Our Fishing Boat Hire services departing from Brighton Marina in Sussex, daily our Fishing Boat Hire services may vary in price related to the distance travelled on the South coast


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Our charter provides Boat Trips daily for Fishing, sight seeing and Pleasure Cruises on the Sussex coastline

Rampion Wind Farm Tours

Our Wind Farm Trips from Brighton Marina will take you offshore to the location of the wind turbines

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