Safety Briefing Aboard Seabreeze 3

Life Jackets

Crew and passengers personal Safety is of paramount importance aboard the vessel Seabreeze3 with a combined experience of over 50 years at sea both Skippers, Yachtmaster Terry Lee (+40 years experience) and Day-Skipper J Richards (8 years experience) are competent when it comes to Safety we follow a rigorous Safety System, set in place to allow customers and crew to have a safe and enjoyable experience whilst aboard. We try to make the Safety protocols as easy to follow as possible so there is less for the concerned to worry about. Our daily checks involve engine checks, equipment checks and deck inspections. We provide rod and tackle usage, training and tips and we also prefer to do all the unhooking and preparation of fish or baits ourselves to make it as safe as possible. When we embark on any fishing trips to sea after daily checks, a headcount is made of all crew and passengers and we announce a Safetybriefing every trip

The Safety Briefing is as such

Good day and welcome aboard! I would like to give you a Safety Briefing for travelling aboard Seabreeze3 today, in any emergency I would like to make you aware of the location of Safety equipment, Our life-rafts are on the roof there are life-jackets in the toilet behind the white door along with the grab bags for the life-rafts. In the event of any situation that is untoward the scheduled trip we would like you to remain seated here on the bunk at the muster point, at the back of the boat. Where we will direct you on how to evacuate the boat

Is there anyone travelling aboard Seabreeze3 that has to take any medication for epileptic fits, type 1 diabetes, heart problems, high blood pressure, or any other medication that we may need to be aware of if you happen to become unconscious and may need to tell rescue services. No! if not we are all deemed fit We have a toilet aboard there is a button on the side to flush please do not use the toilet in the harbour. No one is allowed up the bow of the boat going in and out of the marina, once out at sea you may go up the front. We have a zero tolerance for litter at sea we have two bins and an ashtray for your cigarettes if you smoke so please use them. We will proceed with our trip:

This is to make all passengers aware of all the protocols which we may need you to be aware of. We have a muster zone on the back of the boat on the provided seating and we will elect the strongest or more able to assist in any safety tasks, they are deemed by the discretion of the skipper to aid in any task if their help is required

Wearing Life Jacket

Seabreeze 3 is equipped with solas certified regulation life jackets of two sizes one for adults of the weight of 32kg and over, as well as life jackets for children from 15kg and up, to a weight of 43kg. In the event of their use you will be instructed on how to properly equip them and how to bale out, in the event of an emergency evacuation

In the event of any safety concerns aboard Seabreeze3 the crew will direct the passengers in what to do in an emergency situation. All passengers and crew are to remain calm and await instruction at the muster point on the deck. We hope this will provide you with an insight as to how we like to run the boat, we have a zero tolerance for any grievous misconduct and we will return to shore without delay, where you will be held accountable for your actions aboard, we have CC-TV is installed and footage is uploaded to a server aboard, we are registered in the UK and as such are subject to the same laws

We hope to have you out on Seabreeze3 safe and well enjoying the day and your time. So we take our time to make yours more enjoyable by having every possible comfort and piece of equipment we can provide you with. All so you may have a great and safe trip at sea. Happy fishing and sailing!


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