Black Bream Fishing Brighton Marina

Black Bream Fishing off the Sussex Coast of Brighton is a very exciting Fishing Trip to come on it is highly recommended. Bream are a fast biting, hard fighting fish which can be caught either inshore early in the year when they come into spawn over the rocky marks. While at other times of year on the South Coast deep water wrecks from June on wards

Black Bream Fishing Trips

Generally the Black Bream Fishing Trip is carried out whilst at anchor or drifting over the wrecks. Bream are excellent sport on light tackle which would likely leave you thinking that they are one of the best fish to catch at sea, they make very good eating with some

The Tackle:
Our gear consists of Shakespeare Ugly-Stik spinning rods and Penn Slammer Reels with light braided line. If you would like to bring your own gear reels should be3/0 to 4/0 or 5000-7000 sized and should be loaded with 10 – 15 lbs main line leading into a 20lbs rubbing leader to resist the abrasion on the rocks and the wreckage. Inshore the angler could comfortably use 2 to 3lbs test curve carp rods for a sporty fishing experience. The rigs we use are long flowing traces of 6 foot should suffice and a small 1/0 or smaller chemically sharpened hook. Paternoster rig works fantastically well especially on a one up one down rig. Possibly one of the most effective methods is the use of baited feathers, the bream just cannot resist the colours and the smell of the bait

The Bait:
The best bait is fresh Mackerel, squid and cuttlefish cut into small strips. Hermit crab tails will take fish inshore. Baits should either be used singly or in cocktails with the squid acting as a flag. To get the fish biting again at those times when they stop biting us use lugworm and ragworm just to get the fish interested in the baits again

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